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Frozen and canned vegetables

FieldFresh is one stop shop for Food ingredients for QSR, processors and food Service. FieldFresh Foods started the frozen ingredient business back in 2013 with clear focus in mind to cater to large processors and food Service players in Europe and UK. With product portfolio not only covering Baby Corn, aweet Corn, but extensive range of exotic Chilies, Herbs.

The formats that FieldFresh offers are used by all major Frozen Pizza, Soup, Ready Meal and Stir Fry manufacturers in EU and UK.


Slices (Nacho Cut for Pizzas)
Dices (Pizzas topping, for Hot sauces and Salsa)
Canoas (Halves) - (for Cheese Poppers)
Puree (For Hot Sauces)


Basil Puree (for Pesto)
Coriander Puree (for Ready Meals)
Rosemary Needles (for frozen seasoning)

Baby Corn / Corn

Cuts (for Stir Fries / and steam packs)
Slices (for Pizza Toppings)
Diced (for Soups as substitute for Mushroom)